If you’ve been injured or in an accident, you shouldn’t waste any time being seen by a doctor if you’re hurting. Experts recommend you should do so in the first 72 hours to get an accurate diagnosis of the extent of your injuries and a plan of care for your recovery. If you’re facing an appointment, here’s what you can expect at an accident and injury clinic

Finding an accident and injury clinic

Your first step after an accident is to find an accident and injury clinic. Search google for clinics near you, or call your primary care physician for a same-day appointment. Be prepared to share the details of the incident with your doctor and describe any symptoms that you might be feeling directly related to the accident. 

Is whiplash a possibility

Whiplash is a common injury from crashes and happens when your neck is forced forward and then quickly snapped back in place. Pain from a whiplash injury can be felt in the hours after an accident all the way to weeks after an accident. It can also cause radiating neck and back pain, and headaches. A clinic will be able to xray your neck to look for any injuries to the tissue and bone in the area. 

Back and neck check at an accident and injury clinic

The back and the neck are the two most common places that are injured in accidents. During your visit, the provider will ask extensive screening questions before completing a throughout exam on these regions. They might order x rays or other tests to take a closer look at injured areas. Lingering back and neck pain can last months after an accident and dramatically impact your quality of life. 

The possibility of internal injuries

Internal injuries are also a possibility from a car accident. Unless the injury is severe internal injuries can be easily missed for several days following an incident. Trust an accident and injury clinic Denver to do a thorough exam that will help them spot any immediate problems or issues that might cause future chronic conditions.