Lower back pain haunts millions of Americans and many patients lose hope that there will ever be a time when they’re not living in pain. Mainstream medicine often turns to prescription medications, or invasive surgeries in hopes of alleviating chronic pain. Those options don’t always work and might even have grave consequences. If you need lower back pain relief right now, here’s how a chiropractor can help you to achieve it. 

What is chiropractic care and why choose it for lower back pain relief?

Chiropractic care is the medical discipline that rests on the notion that proper spinal alignment allows for optimal body function. When the spine becomes misaligned, injury, pain, and diseases can set in. One way to combat that and to help with common medical goals like lower back pain relief, is with chiropractic adjustments which have shown to successfully reduce pain in millions of patients each year.   

Types of adjustments for lower back pain relief

A well-trained chiropractor has many tools at their disposal to help alleviate your lower back pain. They will use manual manipulations which commonly cause a popping sound in your joints, they will use massage, and they will often use trigger point therapy to address specific points of intense pain throughout your body. There are many other modalities that they might involve but rest assured the aim is for them all to work cohesively together to reduce any pain that you feel. 

What does an adjustment feel like?

Chiropractic adjustments are relatively painless. The provider will apply pressure to the area where they are working and you may or may not hear a pop when the adjustment is made. Commonly, patients feel a sense of relief when the adjustment is done and the reduced inflammation that’s commonly the result allows for a greater degree of relaxation throughout the body.   

How often are adjustments necessary

Part of your chiropractic care will be a lengthy discussion of your medical history, your ailments and complaints, and your goals. You and your chiropractor will establish a treatment plan that hopefully delivers the goals that you have in mind. This plan might require multiple visits each week for a specific period of time with follow ups as necessary.