Millions of otherwise healthy Americans suffer from chronic back pain. It’s hard to enjoy life when you live in pain that rears its head far too often. You don’t have to live in pain any longer. Consider a tried and true method called spinal decompression, available at your neighborhood chiropractor’s office. Here are just a few of the benefits that you might realize from this method of treatment. 

Spinal decompression and pain relief

Back pain is often caused by compressed vertebra. This can happen from injury or with age. It means that two or more vertebrae in your spine move closer together leaving less room in between for healthy bodily fluids to flow providing healing where your body needs it. Spinal decompression works to gently pull the vertebra farther apart so that the area can function more efficiently. When this happens, many patients report near instant pain relief.  

Sciatica and relief from joint problems

When vertebrae become compressed, they can also exert pressure on surrounding nerves. One of the main spinal nerves is called the sciatic nerve, and it runs from the back down each leg. This nerve causes a lot of pain in many people which can be effectively treated through spinal decompression. Once you remove the built up pressure from the vertebra onto the nerve, the pain stops instantly.   

Spinal decompression for pinched nerves

There are other nerves that run along the spine that can also become pinched by misbehaving vertebra. This can happen in the neck, upper, and lower back. Spinal decompression is a promising, drug free treatment for this kind of health condition that continues to earn a track record of success with patients. If you’re in pain from a pinched nerve that your family doctor can’t seem to fix without medication, make an appointment with a knowledgeable chiropractor today.   

Improved overall health and well being

It’s hard to do the things in life that keep you healthy if you’re in constant pain. That’s why spinal decompression can help patients to achieve greater overall health and well being. If you remove what’s causing the pain to begin with, you will be free to enjoy an active lifestyle that’s necessary for living your best life.