Overall health and well being can only be achieved when all the body’s systems are working optimally. Nutrition is a huge part of the steps to achieving good health. There are professionals that can help guide you through the sometimes intimidating world of nutrition. Here’s what you can expect from nutrition counseling at Journey Chiropractic. 

Finding a provider 

The first step in exploring what nutrition counseling can do for you is to find a provider near you. It might help to ask friends and family for recommendations. You can also search the web and social media paying close attention to client reviews which might clue you in to what you might expect. Once you’ve found a provider whose philosophy fits with yours, you’ve accomplished the hardest step in the whole process.  

Your first appointment

There is no reason to feel intimidated or fearful as your appointment date approaches. You can probably expect a lengthy appointment time giving the nutritional counselor time to go over your health history with you. They will also want to discuss nutritional challenges that you might face and goals that you might have.  

What comes next?

After your initial consultation appointment, your counselor will get to work providing a nutrition plan for you based on the things you discussed. The plan might include a meal plan or go-to food list. It might also include other helpful lists like beneficial snacks, and real guidance on serving size. Physical activity is an important component of nutrition, and it will also likely be addressed in your plan, as well as any vitamins or supplements that your provider thinks could benefit you. 

Follow up visits

Once a bit of time has passed, giving you an opportunity to fully integrate your nutrition plan into your life, your counselor will schedule follow-up visits. During these visits they will monitor your overall health and weight. They will also want to discuss with you what is working and isn’t working, and any challenges that you might be experiencing that might call for adjustments to the nutrition counseling plan.