More than 77 percent of people who sought care from a chiropractor last year called the treatment very effective. This type of care is useful and appropriate for anyone experiencing back or neck pain common after car accidents. If that sounds like what you’re going through right now, here are four ways that you can get help from an auto accident chiropractors Denver

Spinal adjustments from auto accident chiropractors 

Spinal adjustments are the main treatment mechanism that auto accident chiropractors Denver use to treat their patients. These medical professionals believe that many medical complaints and pain are directly linked to vertebral subluxations which is a fancy way of saying out of whack vertebrae in the spine. Spinal adjustments are designed to return these vertebrae back to their intended position which often results in a greater sense of overall health and well being, and a dramatic decrease in pain.  

Electric muscle stimulation

Electric muscle stimulation is another tool that chiropractors use in treating their patients. Mild electrical impulses are directed to the affected muscles which cause them to contract. These contractions can strengthen the muscles which decrease pain, increase function and range of motion, and help to reduce inflammation in the area which is often a root cause of pain.  

Rehabilitation exercises from auto accident chiropractors

Chiropractors also often work hand in hand with trained physical therapists to incorporate rehabilitation exercises into a patient’s treatment plan. These exercises are designed to reduce inflammation which can have a positive impact on pain. But even more so, it’s the hope that regular rehabilitation exercises will restore healthy function and increase range of motion that might have been negatively impacted by a collision. 

Drug-free pain relief

In the age of opioid addiction, everyone is looking for pain relief that isn’t dependent on prescription drugs. Your neighborhood chiropractor is a great first-line defense and can offer plenty of treatment options that have nothing to do with medications. From spinal manipulations to easy exercises, if you’ve been in a car accident and you’re in pain, your next call should be to one of these trusted medical providers