Are you curious about chiropractic care? Are you suffering from a medical condition or pain that you think treatments might help to alleviate? Maybe you don’t know where to start in finding the right provider. More than 75 percent of Americans who received visits to chiropractic doctors last year reported immediate relief after their sessions. Join that group and find the perfect provider for you by following these recommendations. 

Ask your PCP 

Chiropractic doctors often work with many types of medical providers within the community. Therefore, they develop a reputation based on their bedside manner, patient reporting, and the effectiveness of their treatments. It is very likely that your primary care physician has had direct experience with these providers in your area, or at the very least knows which to explore and which should be avoided. Talking to your PCP is a good first step in identifying a chiropractor that might be a perfect fit for you.  

Ask friends and family

With more than 27 million Americans looking to chiropractors for care each year, there’s a good chance that someone you know is part of that group. In your search for a provider, consider asking friends and family if they’ve visited such a provider. Consider their recommendations carefully and add those providers to your list so that you find more information about their practice and reputation in the community.  

Search “chiropractic doctors” online

If you fall short in the recommendation department, don’t worry. In the internet age, you can find all the information you need with one Google search. Search chiropractic doctors online and your search engine will automatically filter the results by your geographic location. Give each a point for convenience since you won’t have to travel far to see them. Then, dig deeper by checking available websites for practices and learning as much as you can about their treatment philosophy and background.  

Read reviews about chiropractic doctors that make the cut

Once you’ve received recommendations from your primary care provider, friends and family, and exhaustive internet searching to find chiropractors in your area, you probably have a healthy list from which to work. You should now spend some time searching the internet and social media channels for reviews from past patients. Remember that no one provider can make every patient happy and healthy. But mostly good reviews, a treatment philosophy that resonates with you, and a recommendation from someone you trust can all make a convincing case that you might have found the perfect provider for you. Schedule a consultation today to find out.