Eating good food is one of the most important parts of achieving and maintaining overall health and well being. The food you put into your body affects your health in the present and in the future. Adages like “an apple a day will keep the doctor away” and “ you are what you eat,” aren’t accidental. The link between health and food is critical and nutrition counseling can help you succeed in this realm. Here’s what you can expect from your first visit with a nutritionist. 

A comprehensive consultation

Your first visit with a nutritionist for your nutritional counseling will be a comprehensive consultation. The provider will go over your goals and discuss with you the things about food and eating that you feel challenge you the most. You’ll get to know one another and begin to become comfortable together as you start on this path toward optimal health.  

Medical history review for nutrition counseling

An important component of your first visit will be a lengthy discussion of your previous medical history. Nutritional counseling is part of a holistic approach toward good health which takes into account many of the body’s processes and that tries to identify the root cause of problems. Ailments or medical conditions that you never thought could be affected by or caused by diet might very well be.  

Discussion of current medicines and supplements 

You’ll discuss your medical history at length, and also discuss any medicines that you take on a regular basis, or supplements that are part of your daily routine. Prescription and over-the-counter medications can deliver a host of side effects that can impact digestion. Your nutritionist will discuss any identified or suspicious interactions during your appointment.   

Nutrition counseling recommendations 

Once you discuss goals and challenges, and your nutritionist has a good handle on your medical history, they will begin to develop a nutritional plan for you. The first visit might include some general recommendations. A follow-up visit would allow the provider time to detail a specific nutritional plan that is tailor-made for your specific circumstances.