According to the American Chiropractic Association, more than 260 million days of work are missed each year by employees complaining of back pain aggravated by their jobs. This kind of chronic pain can be caused by traumatic injury or illness, but it can also be triggered by a movement as simple as picking up your pencil off the ground from a seated position. You can care for and have back pain relief and here are just a few ways to get this relief. 

Move often for lower back pain relief

One of the worst triggers for back pain is a lack of movement for a prolonged period of time. Sitting in a desk chair and focused on work easily gets in the way of regular movement. To realize back pain relief , remember to move. Experts recommend you do so at least once every half hour.  

Remember to stretch

If you suffer from back pain at the office, there are exercises and stretches that you can do to loosen your back and decrease the pain. Office equipment actually comes in handy for many of these stretches including your desk and office chair. A few stretches that might help are standing extension stretches, hip flexor stretches, seated trunk stretches, and hamstring stretches.  

Maintain good posture

While seated at a desk all day, it’s easy to slump over your desk bringing your spine out of alignment and inviting in a healthy dose of back pain. It’s important to try and maintain good posture while seated at your desk. There is even a science called ergonomics that studies the body and person in relation to the products and equipment you use in your office. Try and make sure you sit in a supportive chair and that all of your desk equipment is within easy, healthy reach.  

Consult a chiropractor if lower back pain relief gets extreme

If you’ve faithfully tried to move often at work, and if you’ve tried stretching and paying close attention to your posture while seated at your desk, and you’re still experiencing back pain, perhaps it’s time to consult with a trusted chiropractor. These trained professionals are experts in spinal alignment and reducing the pain caused by the misalignment of the skeletal and muscular systems. If you’re experiencing back pain at the office and nothing else seems to help, head to a chiropractor today for relief at last.