The holidays are a joyous time of year full of parties, friends, family, tons of food, and plenty of fun activities for everyone. It’s also an easy time to overdo it and face some physical pains as a result. You could easily find yourself online searching for the best chiropractor near you hoping for some relief for that nagging, aching back. Here are just a few tips to stay healthy and active this holiday season. 

Keep moving 

The health provider that you contact when you search “chiropractor near me” will tell you it’s smart to keep moving during the holidays. It’s easy when winter descends on the region to stay inside where it’s toasty and warm. Instead, fight the urge to hibernate and choose to stay active instead for a healthier and happier holiday season.  

Eat well

Tis’ the season for overeating. Most families get together and put together big spreads of holiday dishes for family gatherings. In most gatherings you’ll also find a dessert table with many tasty treats to choose from. Do yourself a favor this year and focus on eating well and in moderation so that you avoid adding holiday pounds that will be hard to work off once the festivities are over.  

Watch the alcohol

Alcohol is often a part of holiday celebrations. Drinking to excess can cause a number of harmful scenarios like drunken driving, hangovers, and even alcohol poisoning if you drink to the extreme. All of these scenarios have the potential to really wreck your holiday season, so watch the alcohol this year and always drink responsibly.

Travel lightly

If your holiday celebrations include traveling to see friends or family, travel lightly. Your back will thank you for packing only the amount of clothes that you will actually wear while your away and to avoid the temptation to stuff your suitcase. Whether your traveling by plane, train, or car, take care to protect your lower and upper back, as well as your neck this holiday season.

Treatment if you need it

If you still manage to overdo it this year, help is just around the corner. Journey Chiropractic can help you heal from injuries or overuse that you might sustain during the holiday season, or any time of year. From chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, and lifestyle advice, the Journey team can help you get back to normal after the hustle and bustle of the holidays .