Unfortunately, back injuries are among the highest reported injuries by people who have recently been in a car accident. Thoracic spinal injuries, herniated discs, spinal cord injuries, and lumbar spine injuries are all possible and common with collisions. Many of these injury types also creep up in the days and weeks after the event, which is why you should waste no time in finding a car accident chiropractor near you for treatment. 

Relieve pressure

Seeking out a car accident chiropractor denver to help ease your pain and suffering after a car accident is a wise choice. Even after the first visit, you’ll realize how they can relieve the sense of pressure you’re likely feeling following the crash. Relief care can typically last from 4-12 weeks at which point you’ll move on to corrective care for six months to two years, and then finally wellness cares the frequency of which will depend entirely on your body and your healing process.  

Align your spine

Following the tremendous impact of a car crash, it’s easy for the spine, and other bones and joints, to come out of alignment. Your chiropractor will focus on returning these places back to proper alignment which will allow your body to function in an efficient way and which will likely reduce any pain, tenderness, or inflammation that you’re experiencing. Adding a chiropractor to your car accident recovery regimen will help you return to total health and wellness.

Corrective exercise

Chiropractors can also suggest other methods to return to total health and wellness like corrective exercises. During your initial consultation, your provider will create a spinal correction plan that could include these types of exercises that can be performed at home, and at your convenience. These exercises take aim at muscles and connective tissues that might also have been affected by the crash.  

Relaxation modalities

There has been plenty of research done on the effect of relaxation on pain. In fact, this premise serves as the impetus for Lamaze breathing and exercises during childbirth. Your chiropractor might teach you breathing techniques to achieve relaxation, and they might also suggest massage, acupuncture, meditation, and other lifestyle advice aimed at healing your whole person.