Back pain is one of the most common reasons why people find their way to the doctor’s office. So much of what you do every day challenges the muscles, bones, and joints of your back. Over time, these areas can be susceptible to injury, especially from these seven surprising sources of back pain. If you suffer from such back pain, we encourage you to seek relief from a number of treatment options offered by a trained professional

Your Desk

Your desk could very well be wreaking havoc on your back. It could be the chair or the height of your desk. It might even be the height of the desk in relation to your chair. If you’re experiencing lower back pain with no clear cause, don’t overlook your office as the culprit since you probably spend a lot of time there. 

Your Bed

Whether you prefer a soft mattress or a firm one, there’s a chance that your current mattress has served its purpose and the time has come to consider a replacement. As you age, the support needed while you sleep changes. If you’re experiencing chronic lower back pain, especially when you get out of bed every morning, your bed might be the cause. 

Your Shoes

Although your feet are quite a distance from your back, never underestimate the impact that they can have. If you’re experiencing lower back pain and can’t figure out why, consider that it might be the shoes you’re wearing. Some of the worst culprits for causing pain in the back are flip flops, which offer little support, yet millions of people will wear them throughout the warm summer months.  

Unknown Injury

It’s easy to injure your back and not even know it. Eventually you will know it when the pain starts, but it’s not uncommon for people to suffer an injury in which the pain doesn’t come until later. A back pain specialist might inform you that an injury occurred, even though you are unable to recall ever causing such injury to the muscles, bones, or joints of the back. 

Degenerative Disease

There are long-term ailments that can go undiagnosed all while doing immense damage to your back. Arthritis, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, and other maladies can all cause back pain which can worsen over time without treatment. If you’ve been diagnosed with any of these chronic problems, a knowledgeable professional can offer back pain relief, improve your quality of life, and slow down the damage. 


Medical professionals often say that stress is a killer. It can also be a cause of lower back pain. Never underestimate the impact that stress can have on your life. Although it’s nearly impossible to remove all stress inducers and their impacts from your life, it is possible to find constructive habits and to heed lifestyle advice to deal with stress before it causes long term damage on your body. 


Strenuous activity is probably the most common cause of back pain. But surprisingly enough on the flipside, inactivity can cause problems too. When bones, muscles, and joints aren’t used as they should be, they become significantly weaker and more prone to failure. That’s how inactivity can be dangerous for your back health.